Police Department

In the event of an emergency please call 911

We are located at 404 Main Street Balsam Lake
Balsam Lake Centuria Police Department. P.O. Box 506 Balsam Lake, WI 54810
Department Email: centuriapd@lakeland.ws
Phone Number: 715-553-1695

Balsam Lake Centuria Police Department

Chief Eric Jorgensen

 Tel: 715-553-1695 Email: ejorgensenblcpd@lakeland.ws

Officer Austin Reed

 Tel: 715-553-1695 Email: areedblcpd@lakeland.ws

Balsam Lake Centuria Police Department Commissioners

President Chuck Ellsworth

PO Box 225 Centuria WI 54824 Email: chuckandnona@gamil.com

Commissioner Brian Kammerud

PO Box 81 Centuria WI 54824 Email: broiler8181@yahoo.com

Commissioner Jim Duncan

712 Old Main Street Balsam Lake WI 54810 Email: jamesandlori@lakeland.ws

Commissioner Corby Stark

101-1 Perry Mound Road Balsam Lake WI 54810 Email: vobl.corbys@gmail.com

Commissioner At Large William Alleva

1302 Central Ave Centuria WI 54824 Email: walleva@lakeland.ws

Use of Force Policy for Balsam Lake-Centuria Police Department



Fee Schedule for Civil Process Services Effective as of 08/24/2021

  • $40.00 Service Fee (First paper, initial person being served at first address up to three attempts)
  • $25.00 Each additional attempt after first three attempts of service, second and subsequent person(s) served at same location
  • $20.00 For each subsequent paper at same address, per person, served the same date and time as initial paper
  • $5.00 Notary fee for each notarized affidavit submitted at the Plaintiff/Attorney request
  • $40.00 Evictions/ Writs of Assistance (plus $25.00 per hour after the first hour)
  • $50.00 Writs of Execution and Replevin (plus $25.00 per hour after the first hour)